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  • Minnesota is in TOP 5 for lowest Foreclosure Inventory

    Sunday, July 27, 2014   /   by Joshua Roueche

    Minnesota is in TOP 5 for lowest Foreclosure Inventory

    Minnestoa is in TOP 5 in Housing Market for lowest Foreclosure Inventory


    Hello everyone,


    So I subscribe to a national Housing Market Trend report that gives me updates on all the markets in the U.S. and it provides me with Statistical data on market trends thru out the country.  Well, I am happy to say MN is really starting to come back to the Traditional Market trends.  We are in the top 5 markets (States) with the lowest amount of foreclosure inventory in the country.  Which is nice to see, as we can now start seeing a legit housing market take place in our market and we can start seeing our Home Values stabilize and increase as we move forward.  What is not such good news is for those investors that have been taking advantage of the low prices and buying up the inventory to make a profit.  With inventory way down, and less foreclosures we will start seeing the investors either go away, or at the very least start paying market value for housing.  So things are really starting to look good in our market from a traditional housing standpoint.  However, I feel the educating the public to let them know that we are in a more traditional market and getting a home for pennies on the dollar is not the case anymore.  I have included the market report for you to take a peak so you can see where we stack up against the rest of the nation.  And if you are in the market to buy or sell your home.  Please give myself or my team members a call, use our website to locate your home of the future or find comparables to help prep you for your current home value.  We are the very best in the market, and really will go out of our way to make your dreams come true.  Enjoy the data and again, call me any questions.


    Joshua Roueche