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  • Step 3 "THE SEARCH" with Elizabeth Banks (Realtor.com)

    Wednesday, July 15, 2015   /   by Joshua Roueche

    Step 3 "THE SEARCH" with Elizabeth Banks (Realtor.com)

    Step 3 "THE SEARCH" 

    This step of the home buying process is the fun process, you get to get out and start seeing homes.  However this is probably one of the more important as well, and that is to communicate well with your Real Estate agent (Hopefully you are working with one of our MN Dream Finder Team Members).   The reason is if you do not communicate with your real estate agent, this can be a long, drawn out process, looking at way to many homes that don't fit your life style and the criteria you want in your new home.  Watch Elizabeth Banks from Realtor.com describe this process!

    Videos are great aren't they?  Now reach out to one of our Team Members with the MN Dream Finder Team, we are very qualified in all aspects of helping you find the home your looking for, we take pride in making sure we give your Dream and address!!! 

    We can be reached at 763-200-1101 or email me at joshua@MNDreamFinders.com or visit one of our websites and do your own custom MLS search FREE!