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  • Step 4: "The Offer" with Elizabeth Banks (Realtor.com) and MN Dream Finders

    Thursday, July 16, 2015   /   by Joshua Roueche

    Step 4: "The Offer" with Elizabeth Banks (Realtor.com) and MN Dream Finders

    Step 4:  "THE OFFER"

    Now that you have been through the headaches of Steps 1-3, you have come down to the offer.  Which is where you really need a good realtor in your corner (Hopefully a MN Dream Finder Realtor) to help negotiate the numbers for you and make sure you are getting a good price for your offer.  This is a tricky process because you want to get the best price possible without the insulting the sellers.  This is why it is vital for you to have not just an Agent representing you, but an Agent that has been in the business for a while and knows how to negotiate.  After all, this is likely going to be one of your largest investments in your lifetime and would you want someone who is wet behind the ears negotiating your largest asset?  I think not!  Take a look at Elizabeth Banks video from Realtor.com and get a comical view with truth about what the offer is all about!
    Now is the time to reach out to a MN Dream Finder agent and let's help you start the process of putting together a game plan for your new dream home.  Even if you wont be ready for six months, putting together a game plan to help you be in the right position when it does come time is vital!  With so much competition in the market place it pays to be very proactive in this market place.  SO reach out now and let us help giver your Dream and Address!!!

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