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  • Step 5: "The Closing" with Elizabeth Banks (Realtor.com) and MN Dream Finders

    Thursday, July 16, 2015   /   by Joshua Roueche

    Step 5: "The Closing" with Elizabeth Banks (Realtor.com) and MN Dream Finders

    Step 5:  "The Closing"

    How Awesome are you right now?  Finally near the end of the buying process, and at the closing table.  This is everyone's goal, from Loan Officer to Real Estate Agent to Title Closer, this is where your Dream becomes a reality.  However, it can be painful, and having a good Title company that represents you to make sure you home is free and clear of all liens is critical, and that you are getting a free and clear title that wont haunt you years down the road.  Take a look at Elizabeth Banks with Realtor.com and her out take on the whole closing process.

    Love these videos as they do have a lot of humor and truth to them when it comes to buying a home.  This truly is the final and the end achievement when it comes down to the buying process.  However we try not to end our relationships with our clients there.  We try to stay in touch with our clients through out the year and offer an yearly housing checkup on your home.  Kind of like when you see a doctor yearly where we do a free CMA on your home so you know where your largest asset sits in your given marketplace.  We do we do this, we do this so that you can be proactive and know where your largest asset sits in value.  Very important to know what you have in your home year to year.

    So I hope you enjoyed the 5 steps in the home buying process with MN Dream Finder Team and Elizabeth Banks with www.Realtor.com where we learned a bunch about the home buying process and enjoyed some quick humor videos.

    It is also good to know that we here at MN Dream Finders take a lot of Pride in our Title Representives, knowing that you need the very best representation at the closing table to make sure your home is Free and Clear of any liens and has a warrantable title.   These are to the two title companies we use:

    Trademark Title


    Executive Title 

    So if you or someone you know is interested in pursuing the Home Buying Process.  Please reach out to a MN Dream Finder agent, let us help give your Dream and Address!

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