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    Tuesday, July 14, 2015   /   by Joshua Roueche

    Step 2 Pre-approval Process or Boat Loads of Money (Elizabeth Banks realtor.com)

    Step Two Mortgage 101

    Unless you have a boatload of cash under your mattress, buying a home usually costs more money than you currently have. First, you'll need a competitively-priced loan.  We here at MN Dream Finders have done the research for you on getting you in touch with the top professionals in the industry.  But first watch this great video from Elizabeth Banks from www.Realtor.com

    Great video with a little humor.  But very truthful when looking for a solid mortgage professional in purchasing a new home.  We work with two great lenders on most of our transactions because A) they do a great job and close on time and B) they walk you thru the process and make sure you are aware of all your options when obtaining financing.  

    AMEC (American Mortgage & Equity Consultants)
    Mario LeBlanc                                      & ...

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    Tuesday, July 14, 2015   /   by Joshua Roueche

    Step 1: Should I Rent or Buy (Buying Series Episode 1) with Elizabeth Banks

    Should I RENT or BUY!!!

    Buying a home is so grown-up and impressive, but there are a few things you should think about before you start telling everyone how grown up and impressive you are.  Here in the Twin Cities market we have seen rental rates soar sky high, seen condos downtown get flipped to rental properties and listings get taken off market to be listed as a rental instead.  Why?  Because people keep paying the high rental rates and people with property see the $$$ signs in rentals properties.  Watch this funny yet truthful video about rental properties with Elizabeth Banks (Realtor.com)

    How great was that?  Now ask yourself, Is it worth paying someone else's mortgage for them or should I invest in myself and buy property and build on that asset at a cheaper rate than what I spend in rent.  We can help game plan for you with our MN Dream Finder Team.  So if you are seeing the value of home ownership, please reach out to us at 763-2 ...

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    Friday, May 29, 2015   /   by Joshua Roueche


    Written by www.exposeyourselfpr.com on Thursday, 28 May 2015 1:05 pm

    When looking for a great real estate agent, there are many things that you'll have to consider. Your ideal agent will be knowledgeable about your local market, experienced, and have a plethora of connections to navigate you through the home sale process. Here are some important questions that you should ask your real estate agent before you list your home with them:

    1. In which neighborhoods do you primarily work?
    This is important because you'll want a realtor that is experienced in the specific market in which your home is located.  The more knowledgeable your agent is about the neighborhood you're selling in, the better, because they will be able to price your house according to the comps and first hand information that they glean from being familiar with the area.
    2. What percentage of your clients are buyers versus seller ...

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    Saturday, April 11, 2015   /   by Steven Annth

    How To Be An Effective Realtor

    One point that should be obvious; but is often overlooked, is that the realtor should know about all of the standard documents of the industry. Not only must they be familiar with what each one is, they should possess a deep understanding of that particular document and how it is utilized. If they do not, they could wind up missing an important step in a real estate transaction. Doing that could potentially leave their clients in a legal bind and it can cost quite a lot of money for them to repair any resulting damage.
    You surely know the old saying "patience is a virtue." That is absolutely true in the real estate profession. Therefore an outstanding realtor must exhibit this trait. Of course, they must be patient with their customers - that is a given! However this patience should also extend to everyone else they will deal with in their business on a regular basis. People such as: other agents, financial institutions and experts, lenders, and virtually every kind of professional as ...

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    Saturday, April 11, 2015   /   by Steven Annth

    How To Find Cheap Land


    First and foremost you may be wondering, "Why vacant land?" After all, isn't vacant land worth a lot less than houses? While it is true that vacant land is less expensive than houses, that is a blessing when it comes to your start-up capital. It is much cheaper to buy vacant land than it is to buy houses, apartments, or commercial buildings.
    And as any landlord can attest, owning rental property comes with a myriad of headaches, from clogged toilets to evicting deadbeat tenants. Raw land has the advantage of being maintenance free while increasing in value over time. And if you can find cheap land, then there is almost no reason to not get involved with vacant land.
    One thing to keep in mind with land is that like all types of real estate, location is everything. One tenth of an acre in Manhattan could cost millions of dollars, but travel a few counties away from the cities and you can get many acres often for a few thousand dollars. The sweet spot is when y ...

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